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3000GT Spyder vs. Coupe Details

This is a highly detailed list of differences:

Front Suspension –

Spyder-unique coil spring rate


Electronic Control Suspension (ECS) -  

Relocation of ECS control unit

Wiring harness changes

Coupe's ECS control unit mounting bracket modified to accommodate Spyder

Available modified as a service part


Brakes –

Relocated ABS electronic control unit

ECU must be removed to perform system diagnostics

Spyder-unique proportioning valve


Body –

Body Structure: Incorporation of additional body strengthening components


Major body modifications



Spyder-unique due to strengthening components

Hole must be drilled in new service part to accept wire harness


Door Windows:

Incorporate "Express-Down" feature when operating retractable hardtop

Automatic raising feature when pressing and holding retractable hardtop "CLOSE" switch

Operates normally using switches when not operating hardtop

Wiring harness changes

Drivers and passenger side window has 2 additional relays

Passenger side is controlled through hardtop ECU


Front Fenders:


Lower portion modified to accommodate additional lower A-pillar structure

Lower mounting changed

RH fender has hole for mounting motor antenna


Hardtop "CLOSE"/"OPEN" and hard tonneau "CLOSE"/"OPEN" switch replace Active Aero switch in center console


Hard Tonneau:

Hard tonneau replaces liftgate Forward opening, rear hinged  Powered by electro-hydraulic system

Driver's liftgate release lever is used for hard tonneau manual release

Twin, cable-actuated, gear motor-released latches with integrated limit switches

Tonneau hinge-mounted hardtop down-stop lock prevents hardtop movement


Quarter Windows:

Power instead of fixed

Non-independent operation



Steel roof and liftgate replaced by two-piece retracting composite roof Powered by electro-hydraulic system

Spyder-unique heated rear window replaces heated liftgate glass Uses coupe timer and switch





Windshield Header:

Electro-mechanical header latch system

Single motor-driven assembly with dual latches with integrated limit switches

Manual override release latch feature

Wiring harness changes

Drip Moulding Modified coupe part


Hard Tonneau Spoiler:


Non-moveable design with integrated high-mount stop light


Liftgate Lock Cylinder:

Not used for Spyder Replaced by emblem cover


Rear Bumper Decal (LH):

MlTSUBlSHl decal is carry-over part without diamond star

Spyder-unique location


Rear Bumper Decal (RH)

SPYDER VR4 and SL decal are Spyder-unique

Spyder-unique location


Rear Bumper Upper Extensions:

LH and RH modified to accommodate Spyder-unique body structure


Side Air Dam:

Modified to accommodate Spyder-unique body structure


Interior -


Front Pillar Trim:

Modified coupe part


Front Seats:

Seat belt guides Spyder-unique

Seat recline angle restricted



Hard, molded, vinyl wrapped, multi-section

A/C in-car temperature sensor relocated to center headlining


Luggage Compartment Floor Boxes:

Modified coupe parts (LH) & (RH)


Luggage Compartment Trim:

Spyder-unique (soft trim)

Floor board replaced by an object-in-trunk sensor

Carry-over cargo lamp assembly, new switch and location changes

Wiring harness changes


Quarter Trim:


Courtesy lights carry-over coupe parts


Rearview Mirror:

Spyder-unique, self-dimming, lighted

Spyder-unique mounting location and mounting button

Coupe's mounting button may be existing but is not used and is covered by

a garnish


Rear Seatbacks and Locking System:


Seat Belts (Front and Rear):


Mounting points relocated




Chassis Electrical –


CD (Compact-Disc) Auto Changer:

CD changer cover deleted

Location is in same proximity as coupe

Spyder-unique front and rear mounting brackets

Surrounded by Spyder-unique body structure

Accessible through door in body structure behind RH rear seatback

Can be serviced by removing rear-facing body structure cover


HomeLinkTM Universal Transmitter:

All-new unit Located in center of windshield header garnish

Must be removed to access header latch manual override

Wiring harness changes


Motor Antenna:

Relocated from rear fender to front fender

Spyder-unique mounting hardware (some relocated coupe parts)

Relocated relay is mounted in passenger compartment, behind glove box

Wiring harness changes


Radio Amplifier:

Spyder has a different amplifier

Externally appears the same as coupe

Internally modified for better bass

Same attaching hardware


Rear Combination Lights:

LH and RH modified to accommodate Spyder-unique body structure

Not available as a service part modified for the Spyder

Modify prior to installation


Theft Alarm System:

Relocated light automatic shut-off unit

Relocated keyless entry antenna and receiver

Coupe's keyless entry receiver mounting bracket modified to accommodate

Spyder, available modified as a service part


Heater, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation-


Climate Control Temperature Sensor:

Located in rear headlining section

See page 55-1 in this Manual for informatio'n on operating the system

when the hardtop is open

Wiring harness changes