1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT and Spyder Press Release with Specs and Options


New Color Choices & Panic/Security Feature Offered

In the ‘95 model year, Mitsubishi Motors extended its 3000GT grand
touring sports car line to include its new flagship, the 3000GT Spyder
retractable hardtop convertible. With both the 3000GT and Spyder versions
demonstrating exotic styling cues and high performance, the new ‘96 models
possess interior enhancements that provide additional comfort and assurance to
their occupants.

For ‘96, both Spyder (SL and VR-4) and 3000GT SL and VR-4 hardtop
vehicles receive a new tan or black leather trim interior that enhances the
grand touring sports car ambiance, as well as a new panic feature with keyless
entry and security system that adds a touch of personal confidence when it
comes to vehicle entry and exit.

“The stylish exterior shared by the retractable hardtop convertible
Spyder and 3000GT has been known to get the ‘thumb’s up’ sign from observers
on the road,” says Kevin Ormes, group vice president, sales and marketing.
“With the luxurious feel of the new tan or black leather trim interior,
coupled with the new panic/security system feature, it’s the occupant of the
3000GT Spyder or 3000GT who gets the ultimate enjoyment in grand touring

Mitsubishi Motors has realized satisfying sales performance from its
3000GT over the years, most recently having outsold the Mazda RX-7, Toyota
Supra, Nissan 300ZX -- combined -- at the end of 1994 with 15,230 units.
Today, the 3000G1 remains the number one import nameplate in its class.

“With the introduction of 3000GT Spyder, the survivor of the fittest got
even stronger in the premium sports car jungle,” notes Ormes. “And beyond
that specific segment, 3000GT Spyder is arousing the curiosity of the car-
buying public and increasing our dealers’ showroom traffic.”

Spyder represents a perfect blend of high-performance automotive and
computer-controlled retractable hardtop convertible technologies. Indeed,
Spyder is the newest member of the 3000GT family, comprised of the 3000GT, SL
and top-of-the-line VR-4 models. Spyder is offered in two performance levels

-- normally aspirated (3000GT Spyder SL) and twin-turbocharged (3000GT Spyder

One of the many attributes of the 3000GT is its remarkably taut,
athletic chassis and rigid body structure -- qualities that could have enabled
Mitsubishi Motors along with ASC, Inc. to transform the 3000GT into a sturdy
“ragtop” convertible. However, MMSA officials decided the 3000GT could be
transformed into an automobile that could empower the driver to enjoy a solid
and secure grand touring sports coupe ~ to experience the freedom of a high-
performance, open-air motoring machine.

For ‘96, 3000GT VR-4 and SL and the Spyder VR-4 and Spyder SL interiors
continue to feature customer-pleasing appointments: driver- and front
passenger-side air bags designed to supplement 3-point lap and shoulder belts;
leather seating surfaces; anti-theft system with keyless entry featuring a
panic button; automatic-dimming rear view mirror (on Spyder models only); and
Mitsubishi/Infinity• premium audio system with six-disc CD changer standard on
Spyder models, optional on 3000G1 models.

Standard on both Spyder models is the Mitsubishi HomeLink System, which
makes it possible to combine three radio frequency transmitter units (such as
door opener/closers for home and office, activators for home security systems
as well as available home lighting systems) into one unit, next to the
Spyder’s automatic-dimming day/night rear-view mirror.

An air conditioning system using ozone friendly non-chlorofluorocarbon
(R134a) refrigerant also is standard.

The exterior of the ‘96 3000GT VR-4 is enhanced by 18-inch chrome alloy
wheels. Both Spyders ride on 17-inch chrome alloy wheels, and the 3000GT and
SE are equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels, offered with a chrome alloy wheel
option on the SL model.

Both Spyder models feature fixed spoilers, as opposed to the Active
AeroTM speed-sensitive rear spoiler and front air dam of the 3000GT VR-4.

New-for-’96 exterior colors for the 3000GT, 3000GT VR-4 and 3000GT SE
include: Solano Black Pearl, Belgium Green Pearl and Superior Amethyst Pearl.
(Sorrento Red Pearl, Martinique Yellow Pearl and Sable Black have been

New-for-’96 exterior colors for the Spyder VR-4 and SE include: Panama
Green Pearl; Solano Black Pearl. Also available are Glacier White Pearl and
Caracas Red. (Sable Black and Martinique Yellow Pearl have been


3000GT SPYDER: In addition to its attention-getting, computer-controlled
retractable hardtop function, Spyder boasts family attributes of world-class
styling, leadership in performance technology and engineering designed for
trouble-free and exhilarating motoring -- along with a perfect blend of secure
luxury and exotic open-air style.

3000GT VR-4: For the serious sports car enthusiast in the upscale
premium GT segment who desires the most aggressive power and sports car
handling, the 3000GT VR-4 delivers the full array of ultra high-performance
engine, steering and suspension systems.

3000GT SL As a lower-priced alternative for buyers who appreciate the
exotic 3000GT looks and luxury, without the VR-4 attributes of all-wheel drive
and turbo-charged power, Mitsubishi Motors offers the 3000GT SL.

3000GT: The base 3000GT model includes a standard Mitsubishi/Infinity
eight-speaker premium audio system and a six-disc CD changer option. The SE
and VR-4 models feature a power sliding sunroof option, while 3000GT is
offered only with a fixed roof.


The ‘96 3000GT, 3000GT SE and Spyder SE feature a normally aspirated
3.0-liter, 24-valve, double overhead-cam (DOHC) V6 engine producing 222 hp at
6,000 rpm and 205 ft. lbs. of torque at 4,500 rpm (3000GT and SE models sold
in California achieve a maximum of 218 hp).

Engineering features include: computerized sequential multi-point
electronic fuel injection; a distributorless dual-coil microprocessor
ignition; aluminum alloy cross-flow cylinder heads with pent-roof combustion
chambers; and a variable flow induction system.

Mitsubishi’s Variable Induction Control System (MVIC™) adjusts inlet
ducts for maximum breathing, to broaden and improve the engine’s power range.

MVIC™  utilizes an electronically controlled valve to select between two
intake manifold runners to suit different engine speeds. The mass of inducted
air is directed through short, wide runners at high speeds and via long,
narrow runners at lower speeds. MVIC™ controls intake air/fuel velocity to
enhance throttle response throughout the rpm range.

The 3000GT and 3000GT SL offer a choice of a five-speed manual gearbox
or four-speed automatic transmission. The automatic transmission, standard on
Spyder SL, includes a dual program shifting feature that allows the driver to
select either “power” or “economy” modes.

An ELC-M™ electronic control engine management computer interacts
between the powerplant and transmission, programming engine power output with
gear shifting points to best suit power and economy driving modes, with an
emphasis on smooth, seamless shifts. An electronically activated lock-up
clutch provides maximum fuel economy.

The 3000G1 VR-4 and Spyder VR-4 with a German-designed and North
Carolina-built Getrag six-speed manual transmission adds twin-turbocharging
and twin-intercooling to achieve 320 hp at 6,000 rpm and 315 ft. lbs. of
torque at 2,500 rpm.


All 3000GTs and Spyders front suspensions utilize dual-damped MacPherson
struts with concentric shock absorbers and negative offset steering geometry
for increased stability. The rear suspension for 3000GT, 3000GT St and Spyder
St is an independent, multi-link assembly with one upper and two lower lateral
links, a trailing arm and coil springs concentric with the shock absorbers.
Standard front and rear stabilizer bars enhance overall handling and minimize
body roll during hard cornering.

The independent rear suspension system for the all-wheel-drive 3000GT
VR-4 and Spyder VR-4 is a double wishbone design with trailing arms,
incorporating toe-control links, coil springs and a stabilizer bar.

While sophisticated drivetrain and suspension systems enhance traction,
handling and safety characteristics of the 3000GT VR-4, an Active Aero™
system modifies the body shape of the vehicle at high speeds to increase down
force without increasing aerodynamic drag.

At speeds above 50 mph, the Active Aero™ system automatically tilts the
rear spoiler 14 degrees and lowers the front air dam three inches, modifying
the exterior shape of the car to decrease the amount of air that travels under
the car, reducing both lift and drag. At speeds below 31 mph, the spoiler
automatically repositions to its original angle and the air dam automatically
retracts. The driver can deactivate the system from the automatic mode via a
console-mounted switch.


The 3000GT, 3000GT SL and Spyder SL utilize four-wheel power disc brakes
that feature ventilated rotors for rapid heat dissipation -- reducing the
build-up of heat brought about by repeated brake applications and thus
enhancing braking effectiveness during emergency braking. These models
feature large 10.8-inch rotors in front and 10.4-inch rotors in the rear.

Mitsubishi’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) is standard on the 3000GT
SL, 3000GT VR-4 and both Spyders.

Wheel speed sensors work in conjunction with a central microprocessor to
actuate brake hydraulics to help prevent wheel lock-up during emergency
braking, allowing the driver to firmly control steering.

In addition to possessing ABS, the 3000G1 VR-4 and Spyder VR-4 also
feature substantial four-wheel ventilated disc brakes (12.2 inches for
front/11.6 inches for rear) with four-piston front aluminum calipers and two-
piston rear aluminum calipers for improved braking performance, lowered
unsprung weight and better pedal feel.


For all 3000GT and Spyder models, power-assisted rack-and-pinion
steering provides precise road feedback and quick responsiveness.

In addition, the 3000GT VR-4 and Spyder VR-4 have a four-wheel steering
system that uses a central hydraulic cylinder to steer the rear wheels via the
suspension toe-control links. When the driver turns the steering wheel as the
vehicle exceeds 30 mph, hydraulic pressure actuates the rear toe link steering


On the inside of the 3000GT and Spyder, the car’s driver and passenger
experience a luxurious, yet highly efficient cabin that features driver- and
front passenger-side air bags designed to supplement the 3-point lap and
shoulder belts.

The 3000GT cockpit provides the driver with an intimate relationship
with the car’s mechanical and accessory systems and features legible, driver-
friendly positioning of the instruments. A large analog tachometer sits next
to the speedometer. To the right, in a center cluster, are pods angled toward
the driver that house analog gauges for easy, quick monitoring of engine
systems, including temperature and oil pressure.

The dashboard lines in the 3000GT flow down to integrate with the center
console and outward to blend gracefully with the door panels. Comfortable,
supportive seating exhibits a high-quality design as well as a luxurious feel.
In addition to housing the driver~ s-side air bag and stereo controls, the
leather-wrapped steering wheel provides the driver with a comfortable feel of
the steering wheel.

A Remote Keyless Entry and Security System is standard on the 3000GT SL,
VR-4 and both Spyder models. The system allows power lock/unlock activation
via the remote transmitter, while a two-stage door lock mechanism allows the
driver to, with one turn of the driver’s door key cylinder, unlock only the
driver’s-side lock; a second turn of the key cylinder then unlocks the
passenger side.

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